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      作者:力太極國術館 來源:力太極國術館 日期:2021-9-1 14:13:08 人氣:1592

      I have always been interested in martial arts and health and fitness. However in all my time studying martial arts it always led to or directed me to Tai Chi. When I was younger I always used to watch Jean Claude Van Damme films and was amazed how graceful and precise he was, I later learned he studied both ballet and Tai Chi.

      我一直以來都對武術,健康和健身感興趣。然而在我所有學習武術的過程中,最后都將我引導或者是指向太極。在我更年輕一點的時候,我一直觀看尚格·云頓(Jean-Claude Van Damme)的電影,總是為他的優雅和精準所折服,后來我才知道,他同時學習了芭蕾和太極。

      (左:學員Fergus  右:總教練馬弟致老師

      Having already realised the potential of Tai Chi within martial arts I also noticed Tai Chi’s application to health, fitness and longevity. I have meet all kinds of martial artists, some gave it up in their 30s or 40s, they were too old. I met others with all kinds of injuries. I then came across people in the 50s and 60s doing Tai Chi and old men in their 90s doing Chinese Kung Fu and performing headstands and balancing on one leg.



      I had already made up my mind I wanted to eventually study Tai Chi by my teenage years’ due to its broad scope and historical significant, and identified the Chen style as the one that interested me due to its long history, focus and combat application. It was in 2016 I was sitting at my computer in Ireland when I simply decided to wait no longer and  to just go to China and study Tai Chi.,


      In coming to China my aim was to learn a style of Tai Chi and then go and train in Chen Tai Chi at Chen Village. I initially picked Suzhou as it is close to Shanghai. So when I arrived in Suzhou started working and then tried to find a Tai Chi gym. One day I went walking around the area by my apartment and found Chen Tai Chi School much to my delight. I spoke with the instructor who said the master would be back at a later time. I then arranged to go and observe a class another day. Although I was familiar with martial arts and familiar with Tai Chi I really didn’t understand the training methods and how these methods set Tai Chi apart from the vast majority of other martial arts and fitness training.



      What I was missing was real knowledge and information, that which cannot be learned from books or videos and instead must be transmitted by a master. I simply could have gone to Dublin, London or somewhere else in Europe but I really wanted to learn firsthand from a Chinese Tai Chi master, whilst also living in and learning about China. If I started in China with the right master I knew it would be far and away much better.


      So I observed a lesson, took part and later returned for a trial class if I remember correctly. In any I later joined the club. It was very easy to join. I really enjoyed the first few classes and found it was the very thing I always wanted to learn and I started to understand how Tai Chi changes the body structure overtime and how the body learns to put the energy into the ground. I then started to learn why Tai Chi makes the body much more efficient and why Tai Chi masters are renowned for all kinds of different abilities.



      Everybody at the club was always extremely helpful and friendly despite my lack of Chinese speaking skills and the locals were more than happy to help me to translate to English if there was a need for it. I found it extremely helpful watching the locals as many of them were at different levels, some beginners and some advanced.


      Some of the highlights of joining the club was going to some dinners and functions and going to the Tai Chi seminars. I also found it extremely interesting to work with the club president Shifu Ma Li. I am particularly grateful for being invited to the dinner that was held during one of the annual Tai Chi seminars, this was one of the most interesting experiences I have had during my time in China.




      I feel very lucky to have met My Tai Chi teacher Ma Dizhi Shifu, so I initially found the club in 2017 and he wasn’t there, I said I’d call back. I called back only to realise he was from Chen Village and he had the very lineage I wanted to learn, this was the very opportunity I was looking for. It didn’t take long for me to realise I really wanted to work and learn from him.


      I was able to develop a rapport Shifu Ma and he quickly learned I could follow his instruction if he demonstrated something, gave me a few simple prompts and gave me sequences of numbers, 1-2-3. I was extremely grateful for this, his patience, perseverance and attention to detail. I was familiar with some principles of Tai Chi and martial arts and followed them, listen to your master, practice and repeat, “try harder”. My understanding of body mechanics has been extremely useful.

      我與馬師父之間發展了一種默契,他知道只要他演示一些招式,或者一些簡單的提示,或者給出1-2-3的順序,我就能很快的跟上他的指導。我非常感激他這樣的指導,耐心,毅力和專注細節。我已經熟悉并且遵循太極和武術的一些基本原則,聽從老師,勤加練習,不斷重復, “更努力”。我了解的身體結構知識非常有用。


      If I had a question I would ask, if I didn’t understand something Ma Shifu would show me, not with words but with actions, if I still didn’t understand he would simply help me to mimic the actions until it was correct. This was by far and the most impressive aspects of his training and skills as an instructor, that he could break down the most complex patterns and movements into simple steps that garnered results, because it didn’t take me long to understand. He would then keep it simple and tell me to practice.


      This approach was again extremely helpful to me in learning some of the more detailed aspects of Chen Tai Chi, like fajing and explosive movements, or movements that combined together as Ma Shifu could first demonstrate it, then explain it and demonstrate it again so I could see how it all combined together to an end result. By watching him I could see how his body was precisely trained and where he was placing his weight.



      I saw myself as a blank canvas and as Ma Shifu’s student and just to follow his direction and to keep things simple, he said it, I’d do it. One thing that has always stood out in my mind is how he identified all my injuries immediately, was able to work around them, and was able to place me in proper alignment and posture form the very moment I met him. I never experience that before. Besides that he always had kind and wise words and has given me a real appreciate for Tai Chi and Chinese culture.


      From the beginning Ma Shifu said I would learn the traditional way, I was happy to do as such and it has been a very interesting and invigorating experience working with him as he definitely represents the values of the Tai Chi and Kung Fu masters I have read about.



      In finishing I have dramatic improvements in all aspects of my life from relaxation, breathing, fitness, posture, senses, observation skills, mental processes and patterns. To simply be able to come out of the intellect and into the body and forget all issues is a welcome relief. I have also seen a significant difference in how people relate to me and feel the Tai Chi gives me a significant advantage over others in all kinds of ways from martial arts to simply day to day life.


      I feel now I just let go of tension by default, if there is still tension I can do some Tai Chi to get rid of it, just focus and release the tension naturally.

      I was back in Europe in 2019, people are very interested in Tai Chi, and anytime I did some Tai Chi again people were very interested. Tai Chi is very misunderstood but I for one am delighted I set about to study it, now to build further upon it.  






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